In the Fall of 2010 we set out to pay tribute to Halloween…

Brian Lashchuk of Beyond the Grave Productions and myself, Christopher Brielmaier (Rogues Hollow Productions) had become fast friends after meeting in 2008.  Our mutual love of horror films and in particular the Halloween film series often led to very long conversations that would stretch into the wee hours.

We often discussed how, if we had the opportunity, would reboot Halloween for a new generation.  That’s when we decided we had to actually make our own Halloween fan film!

It was my suggestion we create a trailer instead of doing the traditional fan film simply because it would allow us to lay out a story by visually hitting on the plot points of the movie we wanted to get across.  I knew finding people that could actually act would not be an easy task for something we weren’t spending any real money on.  Making a trailer meant we could focus on “moments” rather than big scenes.


However that didn’t mean we could ignore actors all together. No we still had to find a few people. Most important was our Sam Loomis.  Brian knew a real psychologist who he thought would be perfect for the part, if it not for the fact she was a woman.  “So now she’s Samantha Loomis” I quickly responded.

While we were a little concerned at first about having a female Loomis, those concerns evaporated quickly when we met Sandra Mulhinch who stunned us with her powerful take on the character. I literally had goosebumps on the very first take during Loomis big speech!  It was simply perfect and we knew we made the right choice!

To fill out the cast we tapped friends, relatives and neighbors.  The opening shot of Trick or Treaters was actually shot in November!  Brian managed to talk his neighbors in his home of Dearborn Michigan to put up some Halloween decorations and send their kids out trick or treating!  We had 3 houses participating with decorations and a bunch of kids from all over the neighborhood.  The result is production value that truly captures a midwest October evening!

Brian’s wife Trisha and  a couple friends played our babysitters.  The steadicam shot of them walking through a perfect autumn neighborhood was shot on a bitterly cold December evening.  Our cop, played by Brenden Harrison, was a quick shot done in Brian’s back yard and it turned out better than we had envisioned it!

Back in Ohio we shot my sister and her boyfriend getting murdered in my house along with that epic shot of Michael looking over the Bannister.  In hindsight its amazing we got so lucky getting help on shooting this dumb little fan tribute!

The response to our video has been great and we appreciate all the wonderful comments fans have made on youtube!  We’ve been working on a entirely new take on Halloween and who knows, maybe we’ll finally get around to shooting it soon!

– Chris Brielmaier – November 2016 (Rogues Hollow Productions)