Cast & Crew

Dr. Loomis: Sandra Mulhinch

Woman Brushing Hair: Jennifer Knaus
Cop: Brenden Harrison
Boyfriend: Brian Torma
Girlfriend: Melissa Brielmaier
The Shape: Brian Lashchuk

Simon Aytesm, Kevin Bhrem, Zoe Mueller, Clayton Mueller, Rosemarie Gauna, Julia Gauna, Alyssia Gauna, Emily Wolney, Megan Wolney, Isabella Wolney

Baby Sitters: Zoe Mueller Carol Berard Trisha Lashchuk

Girl on Couch: Julia Gauna

Produced by
Brian Lashchuk
Trisha Lashchuk
Christopher Brielmaier

Christopher Brielmaier
Brian Lashchuk

Shot & Edited by
Christopher Brielmaier

Characters created by John Carpenter and Debra Hill This video is meant only as our tribute to the Classic film and by no means meant to infringe on any trademarks or copyrights.